Social Responsability

We understand that a commitment with the society is paramount and our company has chosen to make a sustainable development part of its management policy.

 In addition to some circumstantial aid to social solidarity institutions, will support on a regular basis Raríssimas - National Association of Mental and Rare Diseases.


Raríssimas - National Association of Mental and Rare Diseases was founded in April 2002 with the mission to support patients, families, friends and all those who live closely to a rare disease.

Making Raríssimas and rare youngsters recognized by the scientific community and the general public was, from the outset, one of the main goals set by the association. The phrase "we exist because rare people with rare needs do exist" became an emblem of the association and created a real awareness among the Portuguese population, concerning the difficulties experienced by these patients and their families.

Today Portugal talk about rare diseases due to the existence of Raríssimas.

Traditionally, it is believed that what is rare rarely happens. However, in Portugal there are approximately 800,000 patients with rare diseases and several hundred patients undiagnosed. It was against the ignorance that this institution has always fought against. Thus, Raríssimas has created the slogan rare diseases exist, do not give up; get informed!

Headquartered in Lisbon and with offices in Maia, Pico (Azores), today Raríssimas is an association with high national and international recognition and continues to fight for the same strategic objectives :

  • Promote dissemination and information on rare diseases;
  • Promote the integrated management of the patient with a rare disease;
  • Promote a positive differenciation on diagnosis, identification and referral, treatment and monitoring of patients with rare diseases;
  • Promoting knowledge and  improvement of skills concerning ​​rare diseases.

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